The Process

Since the beginning of the art form, photography has been more than just snapping a picture. What you see, as the final image, isnt always what you got from the shoot, often times it takes just as long to pull out the important aspects of the shot as it did to get it in the first place. Once the makeup comes off and wardrobe is put away, that's when the creating really begins. Whether it means killing the lights and popping open the canister of film or simply pulling up Photoshop, the development process is an integral part of bringing out the soul of each subject. This is where storytelling begins to take shape. It's the opportunity to highlight the best aspects of the moment. To get a sense of the subtle shifts that "set the capture free", click below the picture on the right.

The Moment

Every day, all around, there are countless amazing things going on right next to us. Just behind you, at the edge of your periphery, magic is happening…. Turn your head though and it's gone. Lost to the chapters of the past, where the sentences are full of the melodies that make up our existence. This is the framework of our lives. These are the infinite happenings that make up the reality we see right in front of us. The unsung heros of the "Moment." As a photographer, this is what I enjoy the most. Being aware, in tune with my surroundings, watching and listening to time tell its story. Turning a fleeting glimpse into a lasting impression. Photography is the medium that takes a passing instance and makes it eternal.

The Dude

I have always been a creative individual, fascinated by the world around me... both internal and external. Seen and unseen. I love bringing color to black and white, simplifying the complex, and the journey called life. I enjoy traveling. I thrive on "The Experience" and tend to challenge myself just a little too much. I am not afraid to take things on or put things down. I trust myself to find the answer, but have learned the value of sound council. I hope the way I see things moves people, slows them down, and inspires them to take a second glimpse at this everyday world we live in. Things in photography, as in life, often look differently when you change the lens. 

I'll be survived by 2 amazing boys, Paxton and Makhenzie, as well as Jackie, my wife... the best thing that ever happened to me.